Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fooled on Food

FOOD : Fuels Of Organs Development [Think.Act.Save]
Food is the basic requisite for Survival. Darwin's subconsciousness must have food on his mind(idea) print before giving realness(action) to his profound theory "Survival of the Fittest". Food is the basic need that actuates any living being to think,act & Work. 

Food is the basic elements that fosters growth of Living Beings. It may be eatables like Fruits,cereals or vegetables ( food for human being) or non-eatables like Sunlight ,wind,soil etc( food for plants & trees).
Food stimulates growth(Peace) or instigates  restlessness(War).

Here, We will talk predominantly about food of human being. Every other necessity revolves around the basic requirement of having food & having it in sufficient amount. There is a famous theory in Micro-Economics which goes like " as our income increases, expenses on food consumption decreases. But what about hidden practice which works as " The Bourgeois's Wastage of food is proportionately more than the Proletariat's shortage of food".

It must be unanimously accepted that Malnutrition & Hunger are problems of distribution rather than of production. It will be evident by the fact that the total quantity of the wasted food around Globe , 300 Million Tonnes, is more than the total net food production of Sub-Saharan Africa--enough to feed the estimated 900 million people hungry in the World as what one of UN report says.

We often used to get a sight of destitute struggling for food within the piles of wastage offered by Restaurants & Hotels across the World Everyday. The growing fashion of leaving food on Plates has became the Mindset of Urban rich & middle class in the name of change in Lifestyle & Trends.

This is really ludicrous. How can one be so selfish? Is this the right gestures to show their position in society? If Yes, where we are heading. We must pause for a Moment & think ,If What will happen , once we started saving our foods( not GM foods) to feed the generations who are battling every dusk & dawn for  square a meals  or a piece of Bread.

Being Human

Just  Think....Eat... And    Save-----Reduce Your Food print

In  Solidarity

Amrish Kumar Joshi
Energy & Environment Activist

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